The city of Cologne has selected "Zeitkapsel" or "Time Capsule" as part of the "Kunst an Kölner Litfaßsäulen" initiative, the artwork is found throughout the city from April to June 2024.

"Zeitkapsel" is one of the 6 works selected out of 106 submissions. "Kunst an Kölner Litfaßsäulen" is an initiative that transforms existing advertising pillars into an open-air museum. The initiative offers an immediate form of cultural participation by making artistic works visible throughout the city every day. This brings art and culture in public space to the foreground. 

"Time capsule" shows a page from an old Filipino magazine on which an advertising pillar in Cologne from the 1960s can be seen. The concept of placing an old image of a pillar on today's one highlights an aspect of public objects and images - how they act as time capsules linking past and present.
Kunstsäule with "Zeitkapsel" at Neuehrenfeld, Köln
Kunstsäule with "Zeitkapsel" at Neumarkt, Köln
Kunstsäule with "Zeitkapsel" at Volksgarten, Köln
Artwork and photos by Byron Co
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Byron Co
Artist & Art Director
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