For two years, I have visually studied the image and impact of a statue that lies at the heart of a European city. The Equestrian Statue of Kaiser Wilhelm II in Köln has attracted criticisms especially after the BLM protests in 2020, which brought colonial statues to a critical light. 

How can we reframe problematic representations? 

Through photography, I depicted decoloniality with the statue's image being obscured by a tree on the foreground. The entry titled 'Reforest Wilhelm' was shortlisted by Frameorial in the 'Reframing Wilhelm' idea competition, which was later exhibited at &wieder in Köln, Germany.
Obscured view of the statue (left); Silhouetted image of the statue (right)
A method of public exhibition in cyberspace.
Photography: Byron Co
Shortlisted in 'Reframing Wilhelm' Idea Competition by Frameorial

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Byron Co
Art Director
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