'Love Potion' directed by JT Pandy
'Love Potion' is a short film that satirizes celebrity worship by using the love potion trope often seen in movies. Inspired by Filipino mythical stories, the film shows the highs and lows of fictional love through magical means.
Frames from 'Love Potion' showing the colour story
Colour story of 'Love Potion'
Art direction of the film transformed visual cues into emotions. For instance, colour of clothing was used to hint at emotion conveyed in each scene — blue for loneliness, red for love, etc. 

The mythical nature of the story was reflected through lighting and locations — dark indoor settings show mystery, meanwhile, the brightly lit scenes show the exhilaration of new-found love. 

From the Antillean style home to the antique furniture, aspects of heritage were interwoven with production design to echo the local lore.
Final scene of 'Love Potion'
On Set of 'Love Potion' (1/3)
On Set of 'Love Potion' (1/3)
On Set of 'Love Potion' (2/3)
On Set of 'Love Potion' (2/3)
On Set of 'Love Potion' (3/3)
On Set of 'Love Potion' (3/3)
Director: JT Pandy
Creative Director: Manuel Villafrania
Associate Creative Director: Abi Capa
Art Director: Byron Co
Production House: How's Everything
Agency: TBWA\SMP
Client: Bench Philippines
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Byron Co
Art Director
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